Home Again

on Thursday, 04 February 2016


After 36hours at Union Glacier we flew out on an Ilyshin II-76 cargo plane sat in jump seats, surrounded by strapped down cargo. The noise from the engines was immense and temp inside -20C but what a way to travel and fitting end to our time in Antarctica. 

The tragic news about Henry Worsley also reached us at UG and brought home the reality of the risk of adventuring in the extreme. 

I am now back in the UK and getting used to not only nighttime again, but life in a big city with all hustle and bustle that brings. It is great catching up with friends and family and strangely enough I am looking forward to starting work again, but will possibly have a different perspective on life for a while. Having spent almost 3 months where all we had to think about was surviving and covering a certain amount of miles , it has been nice to have decisions to make, like what's for dinner? and jobs to do like changing lightbulbs. I am sure this will wear off quickly! 

Some quick facts about the expedition

37 days and 4 hours skiing 494 nautical miles ( Messner Route )

9 days and 9 hours kiteskiing 607nm from Pole to Coast ( Hercules Route )

Coldest Ambient Temp: -30C 

Coldest Temp with windchill: -47C

Pringles consummed:  90tubes

Fun: 10/10

I also only lost 10kg over the whole 10weeks, which I actually put down to the fact I ate pretty much everything everyday, even if I wasn't hungry. Starting 8kg heavy this means I have come back pretty fit and healthy but unable to justify the fried breakfasts and icecream anymore! The food I most missed was fresh fruit and veg which I cannot get enough of at the moment. 

That brings an end to this adventure and I would just like to thank everyone for following and the amazing support we received. 



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