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Shackleton Trans-Antarctic Centenary Expedition

On 27th Oct 1915 Shackleton's ship the Endurance, trapped in sea ice for 9 months, was finally crushed and abandoned, ending the expedition's hopes and sparking the greatest survival story of all time.

Exactly 100 years on, a British and Canadian team will commemorate Shackleton's attempt to cross Antarctica, reviving the spirit of the Endurance and complete a crossing from the Weddell Coast to the South Pole and back again. 

The expedition will see sledges pulled 1,310 miles over 60 days in the world's most extreme conditions. The team can expect temperatures of -50°C and winds of 80mph, crossing dangerous crevasse fields and mountain ranges. It will be one of the of the longest journeys ever attempted on foot and be an epic undertaking.


How far will the journey be?

The full expedition will be approx 1,310 miles.  That’s the equivalent distance from London to St Peterburg or twice the length of the UK.

How will you prepare and train?

The team has linked up with Surrey University to get them in the best physical and mental shape for this expedition. They have been out training on the glaciers of Norway and Iceland, practicing travelling as a team with kites and living on the ice.

When will the expedition take place?

The Antarctic summer season is the only safe time for the expedition to take place and this lasts from the very end of October to early February.  During this time the team will be in 24hour daylight which will keep temperatures around a barmy -30degrees at the Pole

What will the conditions be like?

Antarctica holds the records for the windiest, coldest and driest weather on the planet!  The team will be starting at sea level climbing to an altitude of 3,000m while crossing the vast and lifeless Antarctic ice plateau.  Challenges will include dangerous crevasses and severe risk of frostbite, with winds of up to 80mph and temperatures between-20°C and -50°C.

How long will the journey take?

The team will be skiing to the Pole hoping to average 16 Miles a day for 40 days. On the return leg to the Coast the team plan to use kites to speed up their travel, in place of Husky dogs used 100 years ago. They expect to take up to 20 days to kite back from the Pole covering 40 miles a day. 

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Reviving the spirit of the Endurance


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